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What we do.


  • Mass-mailing and targeted Campaign
  • • Online Games - Sponsorship Campaign
  • • Attitude Measure and Client Survey
  • • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • • Search Optimization Engine
  • • Géolocalization and tracking
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  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • • Responsive E-Commerce Website
  • • online Catalog
  • • Website and corporate Messaging Hosting
  • • Web-Mastering
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Digital Design

  • Responsive Website
  • • Mobile App
  • • RichMedia and 3D Design
  • • Corporate Charter and Logo
  • • Editorial Animation
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What we think.

Our mission - The customer relationship


Learn how to target the needs of your customers !

Here is the constant challenge for every company in a more competitive and globalized world. The customer is the real performer of his own uptake. We call him the consum'actor. In the center of all the consumer temptations, he is more flighty and less faithful.

For every company, therefore it is relearning to give to the customers what they really need and what they are ready to pay within a quality offer. We go further than just a single value management. We help you to place your customer in the center of your business and therefore, to create a trusty and steady relationship with your customer.

To manage this mutation from a simple consumer to a consum'actor, from a lonely commerciale relationship to a trusty relationship, every company should satisfy at best their customers and so, intensify her notoriety. Satisfaction and recommendation can only upgrade and maintain the links between a company and their customers.

We love corporates that make sens !

Open-Source Technologies

As a small web company, we believe in the human being as well as a consumer as an innovator.

To meet this challenge of innovation in the interactive customer relationship, we invest into the open-source technologies. Those technologies brings us innovation, development power, quality of your investments and easy maintenance without exceeding your budget.

We supply our services within CRM tools, e-commerce platform, satisfaction survey, web-marketing campaigns and develop on the most known like Magento, Prestashop, Drupal, Ezpublish, Joomla, Wordpress, vtigerCRM, Android, always with quality in mind.

More than a simple contractor, we will be happy to serve you and be your partner of your interactive communication.

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